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Rehearsing at Home - Autumn 2020

If you would like to join the rehearsals, please email our Secretary@WoodbridgeChoralSociety.org for details on how to do so.

Our plans for Autumn 2020 are somewhat different from previous years. We shall begin weekly rehearsals online on Tuesday 8th September, which will provide the opportunity for members to get together and practise their own parts with accompaniment and encouragement from Andrew! Later, when the risk of transmission is lower and guidelines permit, some of us may be able to meet and sing together in a venue that accommodates singers with appropriate distancing and other protective measures. In addition, members may have the opportunity to contribute to a virtual performance, by recording a video of themselves singing their part.

The 'online rehearsals' will be on Zoom. If you haven't used Zoom before, please see Zoom for beginners.

This page provides recordings (all created by Andrew) to help you rehearse this term's pieces on your own, as well as links to download free copies of the scores if you don't already have your own.

Fauré: Requiem

Vocal score (Serenissima reprint)

1 - Introit and Kyrie

2 - Offertoire

3 - Sanctus

5 - Agnus Dei

6 - Libera me

7 - In Paradisum

Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine

Vocal score (SATB with organ/piano)

Andrew says: For Le Cantique, I have produced two accompaniments, one with me indicating entries and one without any spoken word. We can use the latter for the actual performance if we wish, but the former will be essential when, eventually, singers record their parts - otherwise, there's absolutely no hope of getting the last page together, for example. I'll probably use the former for rehearsals. The point in including the latter was that some more confident singers might like to sing without me going "1, 2, 3" etc.

Andrew says: I have two different versions of each voice part. The reason is the French! There's so much going on in the piano accompaniment that I thought it might be hard for some who are less confident with the French pronunciation to hear the words, so I've included recordings of just the choral parts for people to use if they wish. Once they know it a bit, I think it will be more rewarding for them to use the choral part with accompaniment, then of course to graduate to the accompaniment (with cues) alone.

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