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St Mary's, Woodbridge, 1st April 2023

Requiem - Brahms

A German Requiem was a pivotal work in Brahms's splendid career - his first triumph, giving him great international success during the years following its first performance in April of 1868. Shortly afterwards Brahms arranged a more intimate version, for four-hand piano accompaniment - this is the version to be performed by the Woodbridge Choral Society, with soprano and baritone soloists.

Brahms's Requiem is about giving comfort to those who are grieving. Rather than use the words of the Latin Requiem Mass, Brahms combined his own selections from the Lutheran German Bible and chose passages that deliver a message of spiritual healing.

The choir will sing the original German language version, accompanied professional soloists Lynsey Docherty (soprano) and Philip Smith (bass) and conducted by Andrew Leach.

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